Nathan TW


Nathan TW
delivers unparalleled
learning experiences.

To be a premium professional development program in digital & media literacy training.




Nathan TW delivers unparalleled learning experiences.

To be a premium professional development program in digital & media literacy training.

Nathan TW is a premier professional development consultancy in digital literacy training. Our programs are developed by experienced, seasoned researchers and you will get inspired by experts in literacy, learning, media and technology which gives you valuable opportunities to advance your digital literacy competencies through hands-on, minds-on learning experiences.

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To be a premium professional development program in digital & media literacy training.
Computer Basics
Office Programs
The Internet and Sharing Safely



Our mission is to enable proficient use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that empowers individuals, organisations and society, through the development, promotion, and delivery of quality training programmes throughout the world.



High Quality

We strive for continuous improvements in all that we do and ensure that our programmes are implemented to consistent standards.
Social Responsibility

We are committed to improving digital skills proficiency within society. Our programmes are designed to be accessible to all citizens, irrespective of age, gender, status, ability or race.
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Our programmes give learners the flexibility and freedom to acquire digital skills and confidently apply them in any environment that they may be required to use.

Digital Literacy

“We are at the forefront of digital literacy”
Being a literate (ability to read and write) in the present context, is not enough. Literacy has now changed into digital literacy. It may be called the need of the hour, but disruptive changes presently have spurted the urgency for digital literacy.

With the world changing, technology becomes the inevitable part of everyday life. The technology is being used everywhere starting from our homes to schools to hospitals to offices and more.

Digital literacy means having the skills you need to live, learn, and work in a society where communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices

Digital literacy is really important now, in the professional world, your workplace, you’ll be required to interact with people in digital environments, use information in appropriate ways, and create new ideas and products collaboratively. Above all, you’ll need to maintain your digital identity and wellbeing as the digital landscape continues to change at a fast pace.






Our training is provided by the experienced experts in the field of digital media communication, computers and digital literacy.


Consultancy Services

Here at Nathan TW we understand that it can be really difficult to find the information you need when you're setting up a training centre. We know because we've done it ourselves!


Nathan TW #SmartSkillsTraining
We offer a range of both short and comprehensive courses covering all aspects of digital literacy rom information technology, digital media, social media to mobile, search marketing, from strategy to analytics.

Our training is provided by the experienced experts in the field of digital media communication, computers and digital literacy.


Digital literacy Course

This digital literacy course help learners gain the valuable digital skills necessary to engage in a digital economy and improve livelihoods while excelling in their workplace as well.

Nathan TW’s #SmartSkillsTrainingSeries creates a curriculum that train participants by delivering a targeted program. Our basic digital literacy courses are divided into 4 modules that are flexible and adaptable.

Module 1: Computer Basics – How computers work and how to use basic programs. You’ll learn how to use Windows, files and folders, USB drives, and how to connect other devices.

Module 2: Office Programs – Use office programs for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. You’ll learn how to create simple documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Module 3: The Internet and Sharing Safely – Use the Internet and find out how to be safe and secure online. You’ll learn about browsers, email, finding great sites, social media, and keeping your information safe.

Module 4: Media and Creativity – Use music, photos, and videos. Be creative with your computer! You’ll learn about viewing photos, drawing images, recording sound, and enjoying media on the Internet.

With Nathan TW Digital Literacy classes, you gain skills needed to effectively explore the Internet.
Social Media! Words in the Wild! Using Electronics for Social Media!
Social Media in the Workplace Course

The social media phenomenon has revolutionized both personal and business communications. Inappropriate social media use can lead to problems relating to confidential information, defamation and harassment, among many others. However, companies must use social media effectively to remain competitive.

Social media training is crucial for organisations to build a culture of compliance, and to potentially avoid significant financial and reputational damage.
Professional Email Communication Course

This is a course to help you write effective business emails. This course is unique because each topic will provide tips on writing more professional emails as well as lessons to improve your overall writing skills. Therefore, you will improve your grammar and vocabulary skills for email writing and also improve your cross cultural knowledge to make you more powerful and successful in your business communication. You will look at different email formats to analyze tone, formality levels, and various organizational styles. You will be able to improve your emails of introduction, announcements, requests and emails that apologize or revise a request.
Email Correspondence Wireless Communication Concept
Social media
Social Media Policy Course

This course comes with the creation of Social Media Policy for the client. During this Social Media Policy for Employees course online, employees are trained to recognize the policy so as to recognize when social media is being used in a manner that could be considered bullying or discriminatory behavior and what is deemed appropriate and inappropriate use of social media, and other forms of electronic communication, in the workplace.
Social Media Marketing Course

The Social Media Marketing is designed to achieve to give you the social analytics tools, and training to help you become a marketer on social media. The course also gives you the knowledge and resources to build a complete social media marketing strategy – from consumer insights to final justification metrics. In each course, you will also receive special toolkits with timely information.
Business working desk with tablet showing search engine marketing concept
Digital tablet with stock market data
Digital Media Course

This course focuses on digital communication and commonly helps learners to gain an understanding of how to make social media and digital communications part of a public relations or communication strategy. They also learn how to use social media to help promote an organization and to provide customer support. They will also develop planning, management, budgeting, critical-thinking and writing skills.
Digital Communication (Managing Online Meetings) Course

This course helps learners know how to organize an efficient online meeting to build synergies around great ideas, emotional intelligence, individualities and chairing these meetings. It provides online meeting strategies for better communication with the team.
Having Online Meeting In Evening

Consultancy Services

Social media Policy
Nathan TW advises simple guidelines for employees to keep in mind for appropriate social media conduct. Statements that could cause harm or infringe on the dignity of others should always be avoided. Employees must be aware of their organisational culture and question whether their social media content violates these values. Employees must also become familiar with their company’s social media policy, if one exists.

Nathan TW provides this service to mitigate inherent and associated social media risks.
Training Academy Set Up Consultancy
This service is for anyone looking to set up their own training centre. Our most recent work has been for companies who have diversified to become their own training academies, as well as supporting, advising and consulting in the set-up of a training academy/institute/consultancy.

We support you with everything you need to set up a training centre including accreditations of the academy (BQA and HRDC).
Why use a Nathan TW consultancy services?
Here at Nathan TW we understand that it can be really difficult to find the information you need when you’re setting up a training centre. We know because we’ve done it ourselves!

Our consultancy service, like everything we do, is bespoke to you and your future business or training centre.

You can use our training centre set-up hotline service or receive face to face / Zoom advice.

Using our consultant gives you the expertise you need when you’re first setting up. You only pay for what you need and, as your consultant doesn’t work for your business, you get true impartiality.
“We are transforming professional learning with the power of innovation & community connection”